Extension of Indian Visa (Tourist, Employment, Business, Student Visa, etc.) in New Delhi

  1. 01. Photocopy of passport
  2. Photocopy of visa
  3. Photocopy of foreigners' registration (FRRO)
  4. IT returns/Form 60
  5. Company's bank statement
  6. Visa extension application form
  7. A letter from the Director of the company (requesting for visa extension for his employee)
  8. A letter from the applicant (requesting for a visa extension)
  9. Employment offer letter
  10. Salary details
  11. Rent agreement copy
  12. Online application form

Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA, New Delhi)

Director (F)/Deputy Secretary (F),
MHA - Foreigners Division
NDCC-II Building
Jai Singh Road
Off Parliament Street, Near Jantar Mantar,
New Delhi – 110011

In case of any queries, Foreigners may contact Visa Support Center on telephone numbers 011-22560198, 011-22560199 or email at visasupport@nic.in

Indian Visa Extension Form - Online
FRRO Registration Form | Visa Extension Form | Return Visa Form | Exit Permit

Important Public Notice by Foreigners Division - MHA

It has been observed that some Foreign nationals directly approach the Ministry of Home Affairs for availing requisite service, Which involves avoidable inconvenience, waste of time, and financial burden to the Foreign nationals. Therefore, the foreign nationals are advised to visit the concerned jurisdictional FRRO/FRO for such Visa related services.

If any service is required by a foreign national which is not covered in the above mentioned delegated powers, even then the foreign national may visit the concerned FRRO/FRO and lodge a formal request for the service. The concerned FRRO/FRO will examine the matter in detail and if he/she prima facie agrees with the request of the foreigner, he/she will forward the application to the Ministry of Home Affairs for appropriate decision. If the concerned FRRO/FRO feels that the Foreigner is not eligible/fit for visa conversion/extension, he will straight away advise the foreigner accordingly.